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Established in Nagano, Japan in 1984E2001

NPO International Music Bio Wave is a non-profit citizens' organization established for the purpose of supporting people involved in the practice of musical activities related to mental and physical health in the areas of medical care, welfare and education.

Around the start of the 21st century, a kind of transformation began to take place in the way of thinking in a variety of fields including medical science. Due to this, the value of music in healing and in therapeutic processes is becoming more and more recognized. Music therapy as a technical discipline, therapeutic musical activities, relaxation music, and recreation and entertainment opportunities at welfare facilities are all increasing.

We expect music to open up new possibilities in medical care, especially in the treatment of mental illness, the preservation of patients' mental and emotional well-being, and mental health related education. We believe that music will play an increasingly positive role in mental and physical care, medical treatment, rehabilitation and preventive medicine, and that it will, in this way, help in the development of a better society.

We are planning to develop and support diverse projects ranging from small-scale volunteer activities to the improvement of work place environments and the creation of new jobs, with "The new relationship between medical treatment and music" as our basic theme.

English Home Page / Outline of Activities@Projects @PR page@Japanese Home Page@

We are a non-profit organization (NPO), involved in a variety
of activities related to the basic theme,

"The new relationship between medical treatment and music".

Outline of Our Activities

Support of people who implement musical activities in the fields of the medical treatment & welfare.

Support of the musical activities of a variety of people, including the physically challenged and children suffering from incurable diseases @
Listening to the requests of physically challenged adults, children and their families; promoting an exchange of opinions among them; and
advising or making suggestions to governmental authorities

Recycling musical instruments and providing them, along with related information and equipment needed in the medical treatment and welfare
Development, production and sales of musical instruments geared to medical applications and implemented by doctors and therapists.
Our recycled musical instruments project, "The Recycled Percussion Wave for Medical Treatment, Welfare and Musical Activities" was awarded a grant by the Nagano City government in a community development activity competition for fiscal 2003.

Activities that connect artists with medical treatment and welfare programs

Strengthening the ties between health care and the arts by linking musicians and artists with healing, medical treatment and welfare facilities.
Encouraging and supporting artists who participate in medical programs, and also doing the same for people in medical fields who participate in music therapy.

Research into and the clinical practice of various musical activities related to the life sciences, medical science and health.

Research on the application of musical therapy in rehabilitative and other programs.
Research related to the introduction of music therapy and folk music into sports medicine programs.

Support for doctors and other medical professionals.

Activities that support mental health facilities incorporating music into their treatment programs.

Activities related to the creation of new jobs

Creating new jobs in the medical and welfare fields for artists and other specialists related to music.
Activities that increase the public awareness and credibility of music therapy.

Creating new jobs that will make use of the potential and musical talent of people such as music therapists, music coordinators, music educators for mentally challenged children, and healing artists.

Job creation activities related to the development, production and sale of original brand medical musical instruments.

Research aimed at solving the employment problems of senior citizens and the physically challenged.

Activities related to music therapists

Promotion of music therapy and related activities.
Support of the activities of music therapists (informing the public about the therapists' activities, and/or providing important information to the therapists themselves).

Helping music therapists improve and make full use of their talents (i.e. educational projects / preparing courses and training programs / sponsoring events).

Providing a consultation service for the public, and helping to improve the music therapy profession through means such as the development of
an evaluation mechanism for measuring the skills and ethics of music therapists.

Providing a consultation and information service for people who are interested in becoming music therapists.

Assist in the office duties and official reporting activities of the Japan Music Therapy Society.
Assisting in the development and promotion of an official certification program and encouraging the government to include music therapy in the
medical payment scoring system.

Overseas Activities

Sending of musical groups to overseas disaster or war-stricken areas for consolation and supportive activities related to music.
Supportive educational activities for underdeveloped countries.

Providing percussion music activities, musical instruments and know-how to the areas that need our support.

Cooperation with and support of Japanese and overseas NPO and NGO organizations.

Networking and exchanges among members


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The Secretariat of the Steering Committee / I-net Medical Music Center: (NPO SecretariatEMembers' ServiceEProject Planning)
Secretary General's Office (AdvocacyEPreparation of Official Reports ActivitiesEJob Creating CampaignEArt Campaign)
Medical Care Music Support Project / Recycled Percussion Studio (Supporting musical activities at medical and welfare facilities ECreating jobs for senior citizens and the physically challenged)
Educational Projects / Healing Artists School: (training of healing artists & therapistsEPromoting folk culture exchanges)
Music Therapy Research Project / Kid's Percussion Team: (Music activity project for physically challenged children and the implementation of therapeutic music activities)
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